• 29.5m Luxury cruising home or hotel

    29.5m Luxury cruising home or hotel

    This large barge is ideally suited for use as a hotel barge, Chouette needs no modification, she could start working straight away. There are 5 sleeping cabins, 9 berths and 4 bathrooms, ideal for a large family or paying guests

  • NEW Branson 55ft - £230,000

    NEW Branson 55ft - £230,000

    This 55 foot Tyler/Wilson replica Barge is now complete and is for sale with two 2 walk around berths in separate en-suite cabins

  • Delivery by road or sea

    Delivery by road or sea

    For large and awkward loads, tight fits or delivery across the North Sea we have professionals that will help you at reasonable cost. Talk to us about your delivery, we can add up the hidden charges so that you can make the right choice

  • How about this lovely widebeam ? - A cruising home of quality

    How about this lovely widebeam ? - A cruising home of quality

    This splendid NEW Brigantine widebeam canal barge is for living aboard and cruising, the magnificent English canals and also the continental waterways, the choice is yours...

  • Thinking of a place in the countryside?

    Thinking of a place in the countryside?

    The English countryside is magnificent and if you want a change of scenery then you have the whole of the European waterways to explore. We are going green, talk to the experts for help to guide you on your way.

  • 31ft Aquanaut Cruiser-Offers £25,000

    31ft Aquanaut Cruiser-Offers £25,000

    This 9,5m (31ft) cruiser is for sale close to Amsterdam, she is in nice condition and fully operational. a very good cruiser for exploring the canals.

  • I am also the UK agent for the full range of Bonito Kit Motor boats

    I am also the UK agent for the full range of Bonito Kit Motor boats

    As the UK agent for Bonito Boats BV I work closely with the designer and builders of these stylish motor cruisers. They can be provided to you as in kit form or in any stage of build up to fully complete. Visit "New Vessels" to see all.

  • This good looking barge is now for sale as is for £56,000

    This good looking barge is now for sale as is for £56,000

    With double glazed windows and exterior doors and hatches fitted this lovely 17m (56 foot) barge is for sale at 70,000 Euros (£56,000)

  • BEAVER 15.0m x 6.0m - The kit is 42,215 Euros

    BEAVER 15.0m x 6.0m - The kit is 42,215 Euros

    Click onto COMMERCIAL VESSELS to see more.

  • NEW 60 foot 'Sheffield' Widebeam- Shells from £42,000

    NEW 60 foot 'Sheffield' Widebeam- Shells from £42,000

    Are you thinking of living afloat in the UK or on the Continent? This is where to start, if you purchase a Sheffield hull and fit her out yourself you will have a large comfortable home where you are always on holiday. Please ask for details.

  • 17.5m Tjalk in Cambridge - £83000

    17.5m Tjalk in Cambridge - £83000

    This lovely barge is available at present on a temporary mooring in the centre of Cambridge. Here is an opportunity to live,work and study in a barge of character. Orca is ideal for a couple and is in full cruising condition

Dutch Barges, boats, workboats and floating homes


Workboats For Sale.Com

Dutch Boats For Sale.Com 

Dutch Barges for Sale.Com

International Workboats.Com

 We specialise in finding you the perfect vessel whatever you need it for, to work, for pleasure or to live aboard. There are many vessels for sale on this website but if you do not see what you want please contact Peter direct on 0044 (0) 7757 279 336

This is a 7 day a week service and we always try to answer your messages as soon as possible - remember to bookmark this site, you will always want to return

 For fine Cruising Barges, Motor Cruisers and Commercial Work Boats - see a few examples here on the Home Page or go to our full listings by hitting the buttons on the left side of the screen.  We try to show as many pictures and information for each vessel as possible and this will be sent to you automatically, all I need is your E-mail address which of course will be kept strictly confidential. If you require any further information or to discuss viewing please contact me by E-mail or telephone numbers listed below.

BARGES: I have many reasonably priced project barges right through to some of the finest quality Dutch barges afloat both in the UK and Europe (more than 100 for sale at any one time, therefore there is plenty of choice). In association with our Dutch designers and British Barge Builders we are now producing new barges that customers are asking for to a very high specification at a reasonable price. Please ask for details.

WIDEBEAM BARGES: Enjoy the English countryside, in the broad beam canals before you head for the smallest canals of Europe. These barges are suitable for the splendid canals of France, in Brittany or Southern France, the Canal du Midi, the choice is yours. I can help you with all aspects of these vessel from purchase, training, delivery across the North Sea and also the full sales back up. They are are luxurious aboard - come and see for your self and they are also available in shell or Sailaway versions.

MOTOR CRUISERS:  From economic, live aboard cruisers to some of the finest motor yachts on the market, I have hundreds available for you to look at, mostly in and around Amsterdam. They are ashore and afloat, new and used and you can see them all if you wish, there is something for everyone. Join me on my chauffeur driven boat show or come in your own car, there is lots to see.

COMMERCIAL VESSELS: Tugs, workboats, patrol boats, even cargo ships, new build and used, there are plenty for sale.All commercial vessels will be carried in more depth on the new website - Workboats Europe.Com

 BARGE AND BOATFINDER SERVICE: to find the Barge,Motor Boat or Commercial Craft that you require - whatever size I will try to help you locate it.

Tercoo Rotating Blasters: As the UK importer of these products I also have vast experience of using them to clean rust, paint and bitumen from the hulls and decks of steel vessels. They are a must for every boat, keep one in the locker to use on those patches of rust that occasionally appear. Go also to products page.

Example of products:

 E-mail:  peter@dutchbargesforsale.co.uk

Telephone Numbers:

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