Barges FOR SALE in the UK

15m Sagar built replica Dutch barge l:14.90m,b:3.90m,d:0.9m

18.30m Replica Luxemotor l:18.3m,b:4.80m,d:1.0m
2 sleeping cabins, 2 toilets
River Thames Estuary (Kent)

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Barges FOR SALE in Holland

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Dutch Barges For Sale

Lowest Sales Commission rates - From only 1%

Barges come in all shapes and sizes, old ones and new ones, of all ages. I have full conversions for sale or new builds (replicas), some that have been started but never finished and also Commercial craft for further work or for conversion.

I also sell New Build Barges and boats for the following Companies:

1. Euroship Barges - there is a great range of boats from this company in paticular the Luxemotor replica barges from 13m to 25m in length

2. Tyler wilson boats - renowned for their narrow boats and widebeams they are now building replica Dutch barges 

3. Nottingham Boat Company -  the specialist company for interior design and fit out - for the very best in widebeam boats


 If you don't find what you are looking for, please contact me direct, I may be able to help you: Peter Coupland Mobile 0044 (0) 7757279336