60ft Liveaboad wide beam Shells “Sheffield“

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Canal Cruises.Com are the sole agents of this magnificent widebeam 

I am proud to introduce the new 'Sheffield' class wide beam barge. This is a new development from the renowned barge builders Tyler Wilson and is available now, the first barges are afloat and sold with more available soon.  The concept is to provide the buyer with the largest barge possible in the parameters of up to 65foot x 12foot, massively built and a real work horse. This barge is going back to the days of the traditional barges, she looks a 'proper' barge, she looks original. Here is the ideal widebeam for cruising or as a houseboat, the 'Sheffield' class barge is ideal for either task.

 The 'Sheffield' is available in all stages from shell right through to fully completed boat, you choose and we will supply to you. There are many fit out options, you can purchase the shell, sailaway or to any stage of completion - see some of the interior options in the pistures provided

The price guides are:

60 foot x 12 foot shell only   - £42,000 + VAT if applicable (No Vat if the barge is used as your home)

and any stage up to-

65 foot x 12 foot fully finished   £140,000 + VAT if applicable (no Vat if the barge is used as a dwelling)

For instance: we can supply this vessel as a sailaway fully painted, with engine, controls, tanks and steering so that you can take the vessel away from the builders to your mooring and fit out yourself. If you want insulation we can do that for you, in fact we can do anything that you need so please talk to us about your requirements up to fully fitted and delivered. We are there to help you obtain exactly what you want, there are a host of options and you pick what you want - after all you are the customer

This is an ideal barge for a houseboat,  live afloat instead of in the house or apartment where you just keep throwing money at the landlord and see nothing in the end. there are many ways of fitting these barges out well and increasing your investment. Please talk to me at: [email protected]

This barge will be available for you to view at the Crick boat Show, come along to see her, drink some of our coffee and discuss the full potential:



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L x B x D: 18.30mm x 3.66m x 0.5mm
Year built: New build Shells - from £42,000
accommodation: 60 foot widebeam with huge Accomodation
Engine: You specify which engine you require
Price: 46400 GBP in other currencies
  • 60,037 USD
  • 408,577 DKK
  • 46,400 GBP
  • 59,493 CHF
  • 80,355 AUD
  • 81,921 CAD
  • 87,320 NZD
  • 795,913 ZAR
  • 54,929 EUR
Location:Sheffield - England
Bow thrust:Yes -possible
Flag: No Flag yet
VAT status: Exempt
Extras: Fully fitted out barge @ £140,000 Also available as shell @£42,800

Please contact me for detailed specifications and/or viewing appointment.
++44(0)7757279336 / [email protected]

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