Dutch Barges For Sale.Com - who are you dealing with?

Dutch Barges For Sale.Com is the part of the company Canal Cruisers.Com that handles the Barge Sales

 Hello, I am Peter J. Coupland, a Master Mariner (Commercial, foreign going) with may years experience of offshore and canal cruising. I run the  company  and give my clients the very best of service and my team of experts will not to leave you with a ship load of problems in the process. Once the boat or barge has been purchased we are always there if you run into difficulties or need a bit of helping hand with anything. If we cannot fix it we know a man who can so even if you are in a foreign country there is always help available. I see the the sale through from the first contact by internet until you are totally happy with your purchase and sail away into the sunset.

  I am British, with bases close to Amsterdam and near Colchester in England and know the waterways and coastlines of most of Europe very well, having spent many years working, cruising and offshore racing in these waters. Professionally as a Master Mariner I am used to driving vessels of all types, from large cargo ships to sailing dinghies. I have also spent 10 years as a Harbour Master in England so know the rules and regulations that I can help you with. Having cruised from the Baltic to the Mediterranean, from Switzerland to Bordeaux through the canals in my own boat and delivering others I know the ropes and will gladly assist you to get under way.  

The purchase of a vessel is not the end, it is only the start of the adventure and there may be many other ways in which I or my team can also help you. If you are an expert or a novice please talk to me, tell me what you are looking for  and I will do my best to find it for you also help in the purchase negotiations. If you are wishing to sell, some barges have customers waiting, I cannot promise to sell straight away but I will do my very best for you.


This is Dukra Marina, Zaandam is my sales base in Holland, a few minutes from Amsterdam Central Station and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. There are always barges and motor boats for sale and available to view 7 days a week.