We are here to help you find your barge

Buying a barge or motor boat ? - Well, this is where to start

  Finding the perfect boat, is for most of us a challenge; therefore having someone to help to find the right boat at the right price is a great asset. What you need is a person with my experience to help, having worked with boats most of my life and I also have an eye for finding hidden treasures and hidden problems. I understand my clients requirements and know what matters to them so will go the extra mile to help.

I sell vessels of all types, big and small, new or old, in particular boats and barges for use in the UK and European waterways. This does not mean that they are any less robust or strong as the canals are no boating lake, you need something serious, well equipped and that complies with all the ever increasing regulations. Gone are the days that you could just set off in any old rubbish and see the Continent, the waterways are serious business and you will need a good vessel to go cruising them.

 Many buyers also require vessels that will be able to undertake coastal passages or to cross the North Sea on occassions, I will also help you with these but be warned, some vessels particularly the smaller ones, are unsuitable for sea passages and may have to be transported by road so you may have to take this cost into account when you buy.    

Some of the vessels that I sell go to be live aboards providing inexpensive and flexible homes in many of our cities and towns, this is a great way of living because when you wish to move then you cast off and off and go to your new mooring, in a new town or possibly in a new country. I have many buyers (now good friends) that are nomads and and they often contact me from the most outstanding places. Be careful when you buy, I use no glossy builder's promotion leaflets and try my best to show you what to expect when you travel to see a boat or barge you may have come a long way to have your hopes dashed the moment you step on board. Some of the vessels that I sell do need some work to modify them to your requirements, every boat is different, as is every buyer, it may be just the installation of something like a shower but do remember that everything is possible , if there is space.


All barges and boats are sold as seen so I highly recommend an independent survey to make sure that you are confident in your purchase. Please note also that your insurance company will require a survey report if the vessel is older than 10 years and even in some cases when they are new.

 As well as the ability to help with your purchasing requirements, I am your man when the vessel, once bought, I offer lots of after sales sevices and will also deliver it, as I have the the qualifications and experience. I will not take anything unsuitable to sea and I I will not sell you something that is unsuitable for your purposes, be it at sea or in the canals. If it is an inexpensive cruiser, a vessel to refit or a 5 star luxury barge that you want, I can help you because if it is not on my listings I will do my best to help you find it. So, if you are not sure how to proceed with your dream of living afloat please contact me by E-mail, we can discuss what you have in mind and what would best suit your requirements and your pocket. It is often the case that the vessel that you have dreamed of sells before you have chance to see it so it is always a good thing to let me know what you are looking for, in what condition, size and your budget. I will contact you as soon as I hear of something that may suit you and will send details and photos before the vessel even goes on the open market.


Nothing could be easier, I send you a list to fill in with your requirements and once it is returned then you will be sent any new vessels for sale as they come in, for example I need to know:

  • Maximum and minimum size of vessel?

  • Max air draft (do you have any low bridges to get under?)

  • Type of vessel? (Dutch barge, Motor Cruiser, or a magnificent live aboard)

  • Intended use?

  • Sleeping accommodation required?

  • How many heads? (the nautical term for toileys)

  • Internal headroom - are you tall?

  • Condition - are you prepared to do some alterations?

  • Last, but not least - your budget?