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I will do my best to help you to find a buyer for your vessel by placing your Barge or boat on my website or refering it to my list of clients that are waiting for the right vessel to come along.  All information provided will be sent to prospective buyers in a PDF format to attract them to view - and hopefully buy.

What potential buyers want is to have all possible information on the vessel before they travel to view so it is imperative that you provide honest information so that their expections will be fulfilled and there are no nasty surprises when they come aboard. Understandably, most owners are proud of their boats so why not let me show them off to their best on my site.  If there are any problems with the vessel the buyer should be made aware of these before travelling to view.

You will see that my website is extensive and user friendly with many large pictures to attract buyers. I sell many boats and barges to customers world-wide for use in the canals and coastal areas of the United Kingdom and mainland Europe, some are even shipped overseas and arrangements can be made for all of this. Buyers almost always need the back up service that I provide, as many are inexperienced and they are often happier to buy through someone independent that is there to help them.

Once an interested buyer is found, he or she may be accompanied to view by myself or one of my associates depending on the location.  If the vessel is too far away then the owners will have to take over the viewing themselves but I am always on hand to advise and make arrangements - special terms will apply in this case.

Drydockings, surveys and any remedial work can be arranged if the vendor is not available, or help will be given if he is, however this only applies to vessels in Benelux and the UK. I do my best to help you with a smooth hand over right to the end. I have vast experience and know most of the problems to look out for, the Con artists, the time wasters and sales difficulties, I am independent and many buyers require this before even thinking of going ahead with a purchase.

Professional, accurate and efficient execution of these tasks enables a smooth transfer of ownership and payment.

A commission for my services is only payable if I find a buyer and the sale eventually goes through - commission rates are all listed as FAQ on my website for you to see.  Alternatively I will send you a separate form of agreement with all commission rates listed.

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