Tercoo products

Canal Cruisers.Com are very pleased to be the UK importers of the TERCOO range of products (we use them all the time and highly recommend them


  •  Do you own a steel boat or ship or does your boat have a steel keel?

  • Do you want a shot blasted finish, prior to repainting, without the mess?

  • Have you a fibreglass boat that needs repair work or osmosis treatment?

Then this is the product for you.

The TERCoo rotating blaster is a disk, used for the removal of rust, paint,tar, epoxy paint, adhesives etc., from materials such as steel, iron, concrete and stone. The result is a sandblasted surface, with a finish suitable for the  application of a new protective coating. Also suitable for Aluminium and stainless steel. Be it a boat, barge or bridge this is the attachment to clean off the rust and paint ready for a new finish.

Example 1

These owners have to remove mill scale from their new build 70 foot narrow boat, this is a big job, but with the Tercoo blaster can be worked upon when they feel like it and the weather is good.

Note: there are no clouds of dust, no working under dust sheets and the work is in the sunshine - and look at the finish that they have achieved. This is how to prepare for a good long lasting paint finish.

Hint - always do a few square metres, prime up, have a cup of tea while the paint gets to touch dry, then do a bit more. Do not leave the bare steelwork exposed for too long


Example 2

The surveyor suspected problems on the waterline so:
The TERCOO rotating blaster removed the bitumum and filler


 This area took a few minutes to uncover.
Easy, just fit the TERCOO in a drill and the job is done


 How else can you do this, other than shot blasting?
The Tercoo rotating blaster finds the problems


HINT- waterline areas are particularly a problem with boats of all types, this is the wind and waterarea and needs special attention

New Tercoo product for 2012, GELCOAT PEELER, please note that it can also be used as a safety guard

  • Constant depth
  • Adjustable depth to reqirements
  • Reduced noise compared with a normal peeler
  • Reduced dust - when fitted to a vacuum system
  • No need for sheeting up as with shot blasting
  • The new Tercoo Gel peeler is now ready for use the boat market. Please call and arrange for a demonstration to see the results
  • Cost effective for the DIY and professional user alike, you will be amazed how this compares to shot blasting and conventional pealing
  • Fits to a standard household drill of + 2,500 rpm
  • Also removes paint, bitumen, tar and antifouling to a constant depth 
  • This is the safe and cost effective way to peel Gel coat


HINT- If you have small areas of gelcoat to remove then why set up a boat for shotblasting, it costs less for the attachment than having to sheet up or to move a boat into a shed to do the shotblasting work.


TERCOO rotating blaster - Single disc 
(to be used as power drill attachment)

Recommended Retail price (R.R.P.)

 £30.00 + P&P (£5.00 to UK only)

Trade terms and discounts  also available
TERCOO rotating blaster - Double disc
(to be used as power drill attachment)

Recommended Retail Price (R.R.P.)

   £60.00 + (£5.00 to UK only)

Trade terms and discounts also available
TERCOO rotating blaster - Triple disc 
( to be used as power drill attachment)

Recommended Retail price (R.R.P.)

 £90.00+ P&P (£5.00 to UK only)

Trade terms and discounts also available

TERCOO rotating blaster - Multi 
(to be used only with Fein machine - do not use with an angle grinder)

 Price on Application + P&P (£6.50 to UK only)


Fein machine

(Supplied with toolbox,handle and safety guard)

Price on application + P. & P.


  • Prices Per item Inclusive of VAT + Post and Packaging (UK Only)
  • Delivery From stock, in the UK (usually next day)
  • Delivery Time Posted 1st Class mail (Recorded Delivery)
  • Payment In advance, items will be dispatched on receipt of cheque
  • Available by mail order at  certain shows and chandleries
  • Trade and Stockist enquiries welcome
  • Sales to the UK and Ireland only (Overseas customers please go to local distributers)