Projects in Holland

Unused 15m (49 foot) Euroship Shell l:14.95m,b:3.95m,d:1.0m To be viewed near Rotterdam

Project vessels

 With the lowest Sales Commission Rates - from only 2%

Project vessels come under 2 catagories:


 1.New Project vessels:- These are new build vessels that are finished to a point where the buyer wants to complete the fit out themselves. They could be commercial workboats, barges or luxury motor cruisers. I sell a wide range of these vessels in conjunction with the builders and these can be fitted out to any stage that the buyer wishes, it may be a Kit, a Hull & Deck, Sailaway (sometimes called Turnkey) or fully complete. Many buyers buy at one of these stages to reduce the cost of the completely finished vessel or they want a particular fit out to satisfy their own needs.

 2. Older Project vessels:- There are many older steel boats and barges that are basically sound but need work, so if you wish to purchase or have one for sale please contact me