NEW 'Brigantine' cruising homes from “Tyler/Wilson Boatbuilders“

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 Some of the photos are courtesy The Nantwich Boat Centre and Tyler/Wilson boatbuilders Ltd.


Please note: the asking price for this Vessel of £54,000 is for the shell only - this is our starting point and we can add any further improvements that you wish. Please let us know how you would like us to fit out your Brigantine and we will give you the  purchase price for your specification.

Why consider the 'Brigantine' before other widebeam barges on the market?


The Brigantine is arguably the finest widebem in the UK, she is the very best of the widebeams and stands out from all the others. Do come to see her, there are a several being fitted out at the moment so you can see exactly what you get for your money.

 If you are looking for a vessel to live aboard or a cruising barge then the 'Brigantine' is the barge that really combines all aspects, luxurious accommodation and the go anywhere factor - she can be constructed to Category 'C' (coastal). When you step on board and you will know that this is the one for you, it certainly has the WOW! factor so why settle for anything less? We consider this is the finest widebeam on the market.


Included in the specification lists are the following points to note:-


  •  A qualifying ship for residential purposes - therefore No VAT to pay

  • Can be built to Category ' C' (coastal)

  • Ideal for the French canals

  • Elegant and imposing design with great attention to detail

  • Wheelhouse versions available, folding or lowered by hydraulics

  •  Large choice of internal finishes such as oak, ash, cherry, maple and walnut

  •  Choice of traditional and contemporary paint finishes

  • Various Engine options and sizes available

  •  There is a 5 year warrenty on the engine

  •  Options can be offered on the Central heating boiler

  •  Double glazed windows can be offered as an option

  •  There are several layout versions available

  •  There are several length options  57ft - 60ft - 65ft & 70ft, tell us what suits your purposes and we will supply it

  •  Weed hatch with safety design fitted as standard

  •  Heavy duty steel bollards for and aft + stainless pair amidships if required

  •  Gas locket to hold 2 x 7Kg bottles

  •  12 month builders warranty

  •  Full after sales service available

  •  If you are thinking of taking your new widebeam into the European canals we can help as we also specialise in this

  • It is best to start with the shell and then tell us your add ons from our long list of options, we will work together to produce exactly what you desire (within reason of course)

 To see more about the 'Brigantine' and our other widebeam vessels please click on the link below:


L x B x D: 18.30m x 3.810m x 0.76m
Year built: 2014
accommodation: One or two sleeping cabins - you choose
Displacement: Approx 25 tonnes
Engine: Shire 4 cylinder 4.5 litre inboard diesel 90 Hp
Price: 54000 GBP in other currencies
  • 69,871 USD
  • 475,499 DKK
  • 54,000 GBP
  • 69,238 CHF
  • 93,517 AUD
  • 95,339 CAD
  • 101,623 NZD
  • 926,278 ZAR
  • 63,926 EUR
Location:Midlands - England
Bow thrust:Electric as standard
Flag: No Flag at present
VAT status: Exempt
Extras: The price quoted is for the shell only - for sailaway and fully finished please enquire. This is a qualifying ship for VAT purposes therefore Zero if you live aboard

Please contact me for detailed specifications and/or viewing appointment.
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